• Pilates Studio Peters Township - The Pilates Body

Welcome to The Pilates Body, a Classical Pilates studio in Pittsburgh, located in Peters Township.

We are client-oriented and focused on results by providing high quality, intelligent, and professional instruction in Pilates classes, workshops and private lessons.    

Pilates can:

  • Improve balance, body awareness, posture and poise
  • Develop the strength & flexibility of your spine, core & all the muscles in your body
  • Help to rehabilitate injuries and improve neuro-muscular, joint  and other movement dysfunctions
  • Provide relief from back, neck & joint pain
  • Increase energy levels & reduce stress
  • Create a toned, lean and muscular body without building bulk and mass

Pilates is more than an exercise method. It is a way to improve your health and lifestyle by strengthening the innermost muscles that surround your spine, abdominals, shoulders, hips and pelvic area, as well as firming and toning the major muscle groups of your arms, legs and buttocks. Pilates contributes to a healthy body by not only improving your appearance, but also by balancing, strengthening and correcting movement and function that impacts every part of your life.   Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it is a lifestyle that is essential for happiness.

Enhance your life through intelligent exercise

Our Mission-

We firmly believe the practice of Pilates is good for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, flexibility or ability.  We strive to provide a positive, energizing and non-intimidating environment focused on the individual to promote health, fitness and well-being through the progressive teaching of Classical Pilates.


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