About Us

Pictures of our studio
courtesy of SNAP photography, McMurray PA


Our Mission

Believing that the practice of Pilates and Yoga is for everyone ~ the super-fit, semi-fit, and soon to be fit ~ we strive to provide a positive, energizing and non-intimidating studio environment with personalized client service, an atmosphere that promotes health, wellness and well-being, along with a flexible fee structure. 

Our main goal is to transform your body to get fit, feel great and look great!

The Pilates Body provides an inviting and calming ambience designed to promote comfort, balance and emotional well-being to help you reach the maximum potential of your physical fitness, all the while providing the expertise, supervision and support to avoid injury, imbalance and inadequate training techniques.

All of our equipment and accessories are top of the line in the pilates and yoga industry and include several reformers, cadillac, towers, chairs, barrels, spine correctors and various mats, props and other training aids.

Impeccably clean and well maintained, we do our best to meet every expectation of all of our clients. You will be surrounded by the positive energy of a community of people enhancing their minds, bodies and spirits. 


Studio Etiquette: 

      Please arrive early, or at least on time to all classes.  If you are running late, we do understand but please be aware that class may have already started and you will need to jump in!

    If you are registered for a class and you cannot attend, please be sure to cancel online or call us to let us know.  (We always check the answering machine).  Because some of our classes are filled and have waitlists, it is very helpful to other waitlisted clients if they have enough time to make it in!  Note that if a class has a waitlist and you do not show, your account will be charged.

     For private appointments/sessions with our instructors, it is critical to keep to the 24 hour cancellation policy.  All of our instructors have limited availability and are compensated by appointment.  If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so the time may be rescheduled with another client.  If the appointment cannot be rescheduled, you may be charged for the session.  

    Also, avoid lotions (you will be too slippery to safely perform some of the exercises), and heavy perfumes.  

    Please do not wear shoes in the exercise areas of the studio.  Our programs are completed in bare feet or socks, and we like to keep the floors spotless!

    Last, but not least, this is your time!  Please mute or turn off cell phones when in class.  Cell phones beeping, ringing, buzzing and vibrating can be distracting to not only the owner of the phone, but everyone else as well.