Appointment Schedule

From this page, you can view our appointment schedule to check availability by instructor, date and time.  When you choose your appointment, we will confirm it with you as soon as possible.  All appointments booked online are requests only, until you get an email that the time is confirmed or denied.  Please call the studio if you have questions.  (724-941-2411 and please leave a message if needed.)

Private lessons are offered to individuals (one on one) or with small groups of 2 to 4.  Read our instructors’ biographies and training history.

 Private one-on-one appointments vs. Semi-private group appointments

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn and practice the classical Pilates method to progress to more advanced levels and for maximum effectiveness.  We always recommend to our new clients to begin with 5 private one on one lessons initially so we can make sure you are building a solid and safe foundation for your practice.  (Click here for our Introductory 5 private lesson package)

Semi-private group lessons are the next best thing to privates but are more affordable and allow for friends and family to work out together.  The groups are limited to 2 to 4 participants, and each person will be taught to their own ability and needs, but without 100% of the attention by the instructor.

private lesson

Private/Semi-privates vs. Classes

In theory, classes are to practice what you have learned in your private or semi-private lessons.  Because classes can accommodate more people, attention by the instructor is broad based and class follows a designated format, or plan, determined by the instructor and the level of the class.  There are over 500 different moves in the classical Pilates repertoire, and classes can only allow for a fraction of those to be taught.  This is because it is not safe to teach some of the more complicated Pilates exercises in a group class.  Taking private or semi-private lessons in addition to classes will enable you to learn more of the exercises and to practice Pilates on a deeper and more focused level than just taking classes alone.

If you are looking for a semi-private group to join, call us and we will be happy to help you.  Or you can start your own with a group of family or friends.  


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