Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of classes at The Pilates Body that utilize the Pilates Equipment (reformer, tower, and chair) as well as Spinning, Boot Camp and Pilates Stick on the Barre.

Our Spinning room has recently been added to meet the cardio-conditioning needs of our clients. Featuring NXT Spinning from Maddogg Athletics, our Spinning classes are offered early morning, daytime and during evenings/weekends.

Equipment Class Levels

Our Pilates Equipment classes are offered at Levels 1-3, with 3 being our most advanced and challenging classes. Each level follows demonstrated and appropriate mastery and proficiency and are designed to foster a healthy, safe and effective progression in Classical Pilates.  To begin taking any Equipment classes, we require that clients learn how to safely utilize the reformer, tower, and chair.  This can be achieved by taking private lessons alone or with a small group of up to 3 people.  Another way to qualify to take Equipment classes is to enroll in our “Learn Pilates” class, which is offered twice per week. (click here for more information)

Please follow our class level designation when registering for classes and feel free to contact us with questions.  Spinning, Boot Camp, Pilates 101 and Pilates Stick on the Barre classes are considered level 1 classes and private lessons are not a pre-requisite.

Our Pilates classes are fun and informal, and are designed to foster a welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere for all individuals regardless of ability, fitness level and experience.  You will leave with a feeling of participating in a community focused on health, wellness and fitness.

Questions? Please contact us at (724) 941-2411 for answers to all your questions about our studio and our Pilates classes, and how we can help you build strength and flexibility.


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